Späte, Wolfgang.


Missoula, 3rd printing, 1995. 270 pp., numerous photo-ills. D.j., 26 x 18cm. FINE. This book explains how the Germans designed, constructed, tested and mass-produced the Luftwaffe’s Me-163 Comet – lessons that remain valuable today. The author writes this book with authority – as an internationally famous gliding champion and successful World War II fighter squadron commander, with a personal score of 99 victories, he was uniquely qualified to command "E-Kdo. 16", the unit which tested the "top secret" Me-163 rocket-powered fighter. In May 1944 the author flew the first combat mission in this revolutionary aircraft but was soon sent back to Russia to gain more command experience. In June, J. G. 400 entered combat but achieved poor results owing to the range of the cannon. The author returned to command J.G. 400 in December and quickly developed successful interception tactics but lack of fuel soon grounded the new fighter. UNCOMMON.

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