Milberry, L. & Halliday, H. A.


CANAV Books, Ontario, 1st ed., 2013. 232 pp., numerous photo-ills., + photo e.p.’s. D.j., 31 x 24cm. FINE. This first volume is also the first book to be published on the famous Noorduyn Norseman. It begins in 1934 with Bob Noorduyn’s design concept taking shape in a Montreal office. A prototype was built and flown the following year followed by modest productions and the first adventures in the bush. Operators were impressed but the Norseman waivered due to the Depression until the RCAF bought a few for wartime service, then orders suddenly poured in from the US Army. Besides the Norseman’s pre-war and wartime service, this book starts seriously into the plane’s illustrious post-war career. War surplus Norsemans flooded the market and new models were introduced. The Norseman proved itself as a lifeline into the bush and Arctic for trappers, hunters, explorers, medical people, missionaries and government officials. It flew rescue missions from Arctic to Antarctic. Profusely illustrated with photographs, this book also details the people involved in the Norseman’s history. FINE copy of a VERY SCARCE title.

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