Wakefield, Alan.


Stroud, 1st ed., 2006. Xi + 211 pp., numerous photo-ills., + ills. D.j., 25 x 17cm. FINE. Amid the shortages, tedium and dangers of life in the First World War trenches, those at ‘the sharp end’ remained determined to celebrate Christmas as a time of comradeship and community, a time when war could be set aside, if only for a day. Unlike the famous Christmas truce of 1914, the Christmas experiences in other years and on other fronts have received scant attention. The author has trawled the archives of the Imperial War Museum, National Archives and National Army Museum to provide a selection of first-hand accounts of the six wartime Christmases, 1914 -19, by combatants from Britain and the Dominions. Alongside experiences in France and Flanders are accounts from the Middle East, the Dardanelles, Italy, Salonika and Africa, and the first winter of British intervention in Russia. Including many previously unpublished photographs, postcards and Christmas cards.

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