Robertson, Sir George KCSI (Surgeon Major).


R. J. Leach, new ed., 1991. 368 pp., 8 photo-plates + 5 maps + plans incl. 1 large fldg. D.j., 20 x 14cm. Nr.FINE. On April 3, 1895, the British expedition under General Low, 15,000 strong, forced the Malakand Pass in northern India that was held by about 12,000 tribesmen. The British suffered a loss of eight officers and 61 men killed and wounded. The Chitralis lost about 500. Originally published in 1898, here are the military recollections of Sir George Robertson, an Anglo-Indian administrator who entered the Indian Medical Service in 1878 and was Surgeon to the British political agent in Gilgit in 1894. Robertson held out until relieved in Chitral with a small ill-provisioned force against combined Pathan and rebel Chitral armies from the 4th March to the 20th April 1895. A personal account of a little-known siege with photographs and plans and a folding map.

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