Pawly, Ronald.


Marlborough, 1st ed., 1998. 160 pp., cold. + b&w photo-ills. + ills. D.j., 31 x 23cm. FINE. This is a detailed account of the history and personnel of a single regiment of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard – the 2nd Light Horse Lancers, 1810 - 1815. It is reconstructed from the surviving regimental records, account books and reports; and from the letters and journals of regimental officers, in garrison and in the field in Russia, Saxony and France. These fascinating eyewitness testimonies allow us to trace the changing fortunes of the regiment and the attitudes of its officers. The story is supported by contemporary material on the day-to-day routines of regimental life; by valuable records of the process of replacement and reinforcement over several years; and particularly by extraordinarily detailed appendices which summarise the careers of some 1,400 individual officers and men of the regiment. This material provides vivid human interest whilst at the same time being of significant statistical scope. The author has assembled over 100 illustrations that include several important and previously unknown portraits of members of the Red Lancers, including three of the most prolific correspondents whom we come to know through their letters.

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