Mandell, Richard D.


1st ed., 1971. Xvi + 316 pp., photo-plates, e.p., plans. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Small scuff to front of d.j., & spine faded ; owner’s sig., to f.e.p., o/w V.G. The Olympic Games of 1936 were an important episode in the establishment of an evil political regime – much of the Olympics’ success was due to the pursuit by the National Socialists of supremacy in mass pageantry. This book is a brilliant and chilling expose of the most bizarre festival in the history of sports – in essence it was a superbly engineered piece of Nazi "realpolitik". Nothing was spared to intoxicate the visitors ; to lead them, like the Germans, into a state of mindless optimism that blurred the outlines of a threat to Western Civilization.

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