Sowdon, David.


World Ship Society, 1st.ed., 2005. 128 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs (some cold.) + maps & plans. Pict. laminated boards. 30 x 21cm. FINE. The Admiralty’s salvage vessels have hitherto received little attention – alongside their fighting counterparts they seem at first sight to be of little interest – but dig deeper and their story is a fascinating one. When war loomed in 1939, most of the experience and equipment from the First World War was all but lost, but the Admiralty acted fairly quickly to rectify the situation, approaching the existing salvage organizations in the UK such as the Liverpool & Glasgow Salvage Association covering the entire west coast from Cape Wrath to Land’s End ; Metal Industries based at Scapa Flow covering part of the east coast from the Orkneys down to Harwich ; etc. This detailed study examines the design and construction of Admiralty salvage vessels, wartime operations, post-war 1946 to Suez in 1956, the Suez operations themselves, the unconverted vessels post-Suez, converted vessels post-Suez, and operations at Dover 1946-1963. The book is profusely illustrated with photographs (11 coloured), maps and plans of salvage ships. An important study. FINE copy.

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