Rose, J. Holland.


Cambridge University Press, 1st.ed., 1922. Viii + 175 pp., guarded frontis + a map (fldg.). Brown cloth ; gilt; 22 x 14cm. Binding slightly marked, some foxing as usual o/w V.G. Signed and inscribed by Dr. N. A. M. Rodger : "Nicholas Rodger, Grafton Road, Acton. Feast of St. Zoticus the Wonder-Worker, 1988." ; his copy. Also inscribed by Rear-Admiral Patrick Brock, a decorated WWII and Korean War cruiser captain : "P. W. Brock, H.M.S. Vindictive at Hankow 21st April, 1927." Professor Holland Rose’s study of events that took place at Toulon during the opening stages of the long Napoleonic Wars when many eminent naval and military officers – including Nelson, Elphinstone (later Lord Keith), Linzee, Tyler, Byam Martin, Lord Mulgrave, General O’Hara, David Dundas, etc., – took part in Admiral Lord Hood’s operation to secure Toulon. On August 29, 1793, Toulon, which had opened its gates to the British and was being held by a small garrison under Lord Mulgrave, was besieged by 11,500 French troops under the command of General Dugommier. By December 18 most of the landward defences had fallen and Lord Mulgrave looked to the Navy to carry off his troops by sea. Commanding the artillery at the siege, and largely responsible for its success, was young Napoleon Bonaparte. In this study the author describes the European background situation, the British occupation of Toulon and the defence of the seaward side by the Royal Navy, the siege and final defence, and the naval evacuation that followed. Appendices include : Admiralty Instructions to Vice-Admiral Lord Hood. Lord Hood’s Journal. Logs of the VICTORY, BRITANNIA, PRINCESS ROYAL, ST. GEORGE and WINDSOR CASTLE. Lord Hood’s correspondence. Etc. N.A.M. Rodger & Admiral ‘Canada’ Brock’s copy.

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