Philip & Son Ltd.


Office for the Crown Agents for the Colonies, 4th October, 1920, Not Published. 45 pp., + 11 loose pages of letters & notes. Qtr. green cloth ; green c.c., 33 x 21cm. V.G.+. In 1920, the British authorities in Trinidad approached the Crown Agents for the Colonies in London, with a request for a passenger vessel. Philip & Son Ltd., shipbuilders and engineers based at Dartmouth, submitted a tender which, according to the enclosed correspondence (TLS by Mr. Thornburgh, Chief Engineer, Crown Agents), was considered to be too high and they were given the opportunity to re-submit. Philip’s figures working out costs are also enclosed on one of their letter-heads, plus a three-page TLS to Mr. Philip from Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd., Wallsend Shipyard, in which they say that, in their opinion, it is a "try" on the part of Crown Agents to obtain a lower price and that Philips should hold their ground. It is not clear whether Philips won the contract in the end or not. In 1922 they did launch a steel twin-screw steamer for Crown Agents, the PRINCE OF WALES, (Blackhurst, 606), but this went to the Governor of Dakai for service in the Gambia. This book lays out the full specifications for a steamer intended to carry passengers and cargo round the coasts of Trinidad and Tobago. Includes everything down to the smallest fittings. The book has lines crossed through and annotations as requirements changed. A unique record of a 1920s steamer designed for Britain’s colonies in the West Indies with letters tipped-in.

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