Hoare, Michael E. (Ed.).


The Hakluyt Society, 4 vols., 1st.ed., 1982. Vol. I : Xvii + 182 pp., cold. frontis. + track chart (fldg.) & 6 other plates (1 fldg.). Vol. II : Viii + pp. 183 to 370. 15 plates (1 fldg.). Vol. III : Viii + pp. 371 to 554. 13 plates. Vol. IV : Viii + pp. 555 to 831. 14 plates. All in d.j.’s. 22 x 14cm. A FINE Set. J. R. Forster was the principal naturalist on Captain Cook’s second great voyage, but his outstanding abilities have largely been overshadowed by the brilliance of his elder son, George Forster, and dogged by debilitating disputes and vendettas. After Forster’s death in 1798 the books and manuscripts in his massive private library were sold to the Royal Library of the King of Prussia. Among these treasures was his six-volume journal which he kept aboard RESOLUTION when he sailed under Cook. As the journal of a highly literate landsman-at-sea, it offers many new typically unrestrained insights into day-to-day relationships, life, thinking and theory-testing on this, the most scientific and epic of Cook’s three voyages to the South Seas. The journals are here edited and reproduced - the most recently and perhaps the last of the unknown journals kept by any of the key figures on Cook’s voyages - adding significantly to our knowledge both of Cook historiography and also the sciences of the voyage. FINE set in four volumes.

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