Edwards, Bernard.


Barnsley, 1st.ed., 2002. Xiii + 210 pp., 18 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. In the summer of 1942, Britain and the United States agreed to provide massive quantities of arms and other vital war supplies to equip Stalin’s army in its epic struggle to repel Hitler’s invading forces. The bulk of these cargoes were carried in British and American merchantmen escorted by Royal Navy and US Navy cruisers and escorts. Once it dawned on the Germans what was happening, they threw everything they had at these convoys – from the air, the surface, and beneath the surface. The deadly engagements between the convoys and the enemy was played out in the extreme weather conditions of the Arctic Sea where survival in the water was no more than a couple of minutes. The author has carried out fresh research into the fate of Convoys PQ13 and PQ17 bound from Iceland to Northern Russia, as well as westbound QP13 which ran into a British minefield off Iceland and lost seven vessels. Illustrated with 18 photographs. FINE copy.

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