Bowen, Frank C.


Corporation of Lloyd’s, 1st.ed., 1926. Xi + 172 pp. Blue cloth ; gilt. 25 x 17cm. V.G.+. This history of the RNR first appeared in a series of articles in Lloyd’s List & Shipping Gazette in 1926. It was the first attempt to produce a comprehensive history of British naval reserve forces, and the author records their story from the early enrolment of officers and the first build-up of the Reserves. He describes the "Russian Scare" and its consequences ; the Reserves of the 1890s and early 1900s ; the era of reform ; the RNR at war (1914-1918) ; and the role of the Reserves in every type of vessel from capital ships to trawlers. He concludes with an examination of the RNR in the mid-1920s. A bright copy.

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