Bacon, Admiral Sir Reginald.


1st.ed., n.d., (c.1944). 320 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs, diagrams, drawings, cut-away plans, etc. Red leathercloth with trident design ; the de-luxe binding edition. 23 x 16cm. V.G.+. A contemporary wartime account of the Royal Navy divided into three parts : (I) Personnel. (II) Material. (III) Operations. Within these sections there are 18 chapters with contributions from Admiral Herbert Richmond, ‘Bartimeus’ (Captain Lewis Ritchie), Francis McMurtrie, Archibald Hurd and other eminent naval historians of the 1940s. The book describes in word and picture every aspect of the Royal Navy at war : its men, ships, equipment, actions against the enemy, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Marines, and WRNS. Also, an account of the heroic deeds of the Merchant Navy as it struggled home with vital food and war supplies escorted by the British Navy. Profusely illustrated with photographs, cut-away plans and drawings.

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