Adkins, Roy & Lesley.


Little, Brown, 1st.ed., 2008. L + 429 pp., 19 maps & plans + 28 plates. Pict. e.p’s ; d.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The authors bring to life the voices of forgotten sailors and marines who manned Britain’s wooden walls during the Nelson era - based on personal letters, diaries, and other manuscripts. This documentary evidence describes how they lived and worked, fought and died on board men-o’-war ; their daily routine in port and at sea ; their emotions and experiences ; their fear of the press gangs and their vulnerability to shipwreck, disease and battle ; their food, grog, hopes of prize money and comfort taken with dockland prostitutes and in quayside taverns. Well-illustrated with photographs, contemporary reproductions, maps, plans, etc. FINE copy.

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