Jacobsen, Mayers, K.


Schiffer, Atglen, 1st ed., 1997. 400 pp., numerous photo-ills., + ills., some cold. D.j., 31 x 23cm. FINE. This extensive volume explores the history of one of SAC’s air giants, the six-engine Convair B-36. From the origins of the use of six engines on bombers from around the world, along with the history and development of SAC and the use of its numbers of B-36’s, this book will give the reader more information than has ever before been published on the Convair B-36. Included with the technical and historical aspects of the B-36’s use in SAC, are first-hand accounts from the men who serviced, flew and proudly served in SAC under Curtis LeMay. There are detailed sections on the electronic countermeasures and various armament configurations applied in the B-36, as well as chapters containing information on B-36 attrition, and detailed accounts of the survivors that existed in 1997.

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