Bishop, Edward.


Shrewsbury, 1st ed., 1986. 155 pp., numerous photo-ills., + ills. D.j., 24. x 19cm. D.j., price-clipped o/w Nr.FINE. The Hurricane helped to save Britain from invasion in the Battle of Britain of 1940 in great numbers and its pilots scored more victories than all other combined air and ground defences. In the critical early part of the war the Hurricane served overseas, and these operations provide some of the most enthralling episodes of the book. From Norway to Russia, Malta, the Western Desert, Iraq, Singapore, Sumatra, Java, Ceylon and in the hopeless attempt to cover the retreat in Burma, Hurricanes served gallantly. It is no exaggeration that, in the absence of the Hurricane in the numbers which Hawker’s private venture decision of 1934 made possible, the Battle of Britain would have been lost. Succeeding campaigns and ultimate victory could not have been possible.

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