Beaubois, Henry.


MacDonald and Jane’s, 1st ed., 1973. 235 pp., 160 photo-ills., + cold., & b&w ills., including several fold-out pages. D.j., 30 x 26cm. FINE. From the first balloon flight, the ascent of a Montgolfiere in Paris in 1783, to the safer more complex giants culminating in the epoch-making flights of the R 34, Graf Zeppelin and the R 100, to the tragedies of the R 101, Akron and the Shenandoah and the destruction of the Hindenburg. This book gives the whole story of these majestic aircraft. It includes the efficient Zeppelins of the First World War, which performed invaluable duties as scouts and bombers for Central Powers, as well as the useful part they played in the Second World War when the USA took up the torch and continued to use airships as part of the US early warning system until 1962. This superb and extensive volume is supported by 82 colour drawings, 125 black & white drawings and 160 contemporary photographs and it includes several fold-out pages.

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