Hughes, Jimmy Quentin, MC.


Charico Press, Liverpool, 1st ed., 1998. Ii + 247 pp., photo-ills., + 8pp., of cold., plates. D.j., 22 x 15cm. D.j., is 0.5cm short (as issued) o/w FINE. Signed Presentation from the Author to the late military historian, Paddy Griffiths. This autobiography in fact tells of the lives of three young men fighting on opposite sides during the Second World War. Two of them became involved in sabotage operations – the author with the British SAS and Gerhard Schact with the German Sturmabteilung – whilst the third, Hansgunter Sontgerath, was a German doctor. By chance, they all came together in the middle of the war in a military hospital in central Italy where they formed a strange bond of friendship that saved the author, a political prisoner condemned to death by Hitler’s Kommando Order, from certain death by firing squad and instead he escaped to join the Italian Partisans. In addition to this, his account also tells what it was like to be in a naval battle in the Mediterranean and on beleaguered and bombed Malta ; how a Sturm-mabteilung Officer held a bridge over the Albert Canal to allow his tanks to come up and cross into Belgium ; how the Anzio landing was concealed by an SAS raid ; how one German officer got the surrender of a whole Italian Armoured Division and how he caught Goering unprepared. Illustrated with photographs and coloured plates. Signed Presentation Copy from the author to the late military historian Paddy Griffiths. SCARCE.

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