Haasler, Timm. & Vosters, Simon. & Weber, Hans. (& De Meyer, S. & MacDougall, R.).


THREE VOLUMES COMPLETE. Vol. I : AFV Modeller, 1st ed., 2007. 294 pp., numerous photo-ills., + some cold., ills. D.j. Vol. II : Panzerwrecks, 1st ed., 2012. 233 pp., 114 photos, 14 maps, 1 drawing + 10 profiles. Photo-boards as published. Vol. III : Panzerwrecks, 1st ed., 2014. 272 pp., 100 photo-ills., + 16 cold., maps. Photo-boards as published. All Vols. : 22 x 28 cm. Some minor scuffing to rear of d.j., on Vol. I o/w FINE ; Vols. II + III Unopened, brand new, still in cellophane, MINT. Hitler’s last offensive in the West in December 1944 became known as the Battle of the Bulge. It developed into the largest land battle every fought by the US Army. His plan called for three Armies under Generalfieldmatschall Model, to break through the American front in the Ardennes, cross the Meuse River and then to exploit the great port of Antwerp. This, it was hoped, would cut off the British 21st Army Group and the US 9th Army from the rest of the Allied front, causing mass surrenders. Hitler wanted to form an all-powerful wave which would surge to and across the Meuse river south of Liege. The main strength for this was concentrated in one armoured Kampfgruppe – KG Peiper in the case of Leibstandarte and KG Kuhlmann in that of the Hitlerjugend. This three-volume study focuses on the Leibstandarte during the Ardennes Offensive. The first volume describes the actions of KG Peiper over a 24-hour period that saw the KG’s attempt to push still further to the west through the village of Stoumont, reach its high-water mark only 6 km later and finally be forced to withdraw in the face of overwhelming strength and lack of resources. Volume 2 gives an in-depth coverage of the events of 20th and 21st December 1944 in Stoumont, Cheneux, La Gleize and surrounding areas. A detailed breakdown of the Panzer forces available to Peiper that would soon be trapped in this area is included. There is also a chapter on the refitting of the Panzer Grenadiers after their odyssey during the Normandy landings and the subsequent Allied advance through France. This volume contains a wealth of unpublished photographs, large colour maps showing the movements of opposing forces, colour profiles of German camouflage patterns and detailed Orders of Battle. Volume 3 tells the stories of three explosive Kampfgruppen – Peiper, Hansen and Knittel – during the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944, starting with the battles against the American engineers at Trois-Ponts and continuing through the fighting for Stoumont, La Gleize, Borgoumont and surrounding areas on 22nd December. The authors take you into the foxholes, cellars and command posts as American and German tank forces on the outside parry and thrust for bridges and breakthroughs. Volume 3 also provides a full overview of the tanks and crews of SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 and s.SS-Pz.Abt.501 during the Offensive. Throughout these three volumes, thousands of original records and photographs, plus interviews with surviving participants, have been distilled into this most densely detailed – and accurate – moment-by-moment account of the fighting to date. Volume I is VERY SCARCE and Volume II is increasingly SCARCE so full sets are few.

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