Military Press International, 1st ed., thus, 1995. 81 pp., 13 maps & plans on 3 fold-outs in a rear pocket. Black cloth (not believed to have been published with a d.j.) ; silver title to front ; 21 x 14cm. FINE. This book demonstrates extremely well the tasks facing the German Engineers during the first phase of the Second World War, when time was of the essence as an element of the Blitzkrieg that Germany unleashed upon a more sedate minded opposition in Poland, and then in France. Not only did the Engineers build bridges and blow up obstacles, they also fought to get their objectives and performed their often-difficult tasks under defensive fire. The original text was taken from eyewitness reports, translated by an American soon after the successful invasion of France by German Forces, which opened on May 10, 1940. It is republished here to paint an alternative picture of these men who have often been scorned. The text is supplemented by footnotes on personalities and organisations, and has a detailed appendix laying out the equipment and organisation of the German Army Engineer. There are also 13 maps and plans on three-fold-outs in a rear pocket. SCARCE.

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