Richmond, Vice-Admiral Sir H. W.


1st.ed., 1928. Xvii + 356 pp. Blue cloth ; gilt. 22 x 14cm. V.G. Signed by Rear-Admiral Patrick W. Brock, R.N., and inscribed : "P. W. Brock, H.M.S. Vindictive, Chatham." [1928]. (Admiral Brock joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1917, transferring over to the Royal Navy in 1920. Decorated cruiser captain in World War II and in Korea). Also signed by naval historian Dr. N. A. M. Rodger : "Nicholas Rodger. Grafton Road, Acton. Feast of St. Benignus of Ireland, 1987." (Apart from ourselves, the only two owners of this copy) Admiral Sir Herbert Richmond (1871-1946) was one of the most important and oft controversial naval historians of the last century. His subject National Policy and Naval Strength 17th to 20th Centuries was his first public excursion on a theme which would remain central to all his later writings. It first appeared here in book form in 1928 and was described by Barry Hunt in 1982 as "especially valuable as an expression of Richmond’s views – consequent to his War Course experience – on the value of the humanities, specifically history, as a medium for military education and preparation for higher command and direction." (See Sailor-Scholar…. Wilfred Laurier University Press, 1982, p. 130). In addition, this book contains 14 further essays : Combined Strategy. Some Influences of Sea Power in the War with Germany. Considerations of the War at Sea. English Strategy in the War of the Austrian Succession. The Influence of Sea-Power on the Struggle with France in North America, and India, 1744-1762. Co-operation. On Informing Subordinates. Thought and Discussion. Sir James Graham’s Reforms and Administration and Command at the Admiralty. The Place of History in Naval Education. The Use of History. Battle Cruisers. French Corsairs. And Sea Power and the Empire. Previously owned by Admiral P. W. Brock & Dr. N. A. M. Rodger. SCARCE.

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