Owen, Commander J. H.


Cambridge, at the University Press, 1st.ed., 1938. Xiii + 316 pp., 6 plates + 5 charts & plans (all fldg.). Blue cloth ; gilt lettering. 22 x 15cm. V.G. Inscribed : "To Tony Sainsbury, a devoted supporter of The Naval Review, from the author’s son, Hugh Owen. 1992". (See No. 20 for details of Captain A. B. Sainsbury RNR). The NMM Catalogue of the Library (Volume V, Part I, # 958, p.81) refers to this book as "An important study. Includes chapters on : The naval war in the Mediterranean – Cadiz, Port Mahon, Barcelona (1705), Toulon (1707), French attacks on trade in the Channel ; Cruisers and convoys ; & Dunkirk, 1708." Commander Owen provides a scholarly account of the naval side of the first seven years of a great war fought by Queen Anne and her Allies in the early years of the 18th century. This study is based on the papers published by the Historical Manuscripts Commission and the Navy Records Society and is illustrated with six plates and five interesting folding charts and plans. In addition to the eight chapters mentioned by Greenwich, there are six informative Appendices. They are : Particulars of Typical Ships of Queen Anne’s Navy. State of Her Majesty’s Ships in Commission. Confederate Ships of the Line at Home and in the Mediterranean 1702 to 1710. State of the French Navy. Admiral Fairborne’s Proposal for the Main Fleet in 1703. And The Cruisers and Convoys Act, 1708. Naval actions during the War of Spanish Succession.

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