Kent, Captain Barrie.


Clanfield, Hants., 1st.ed., 1993. Xi + 371 pp., many photographs, cartoons, drawings, maps, etc., (some cold.). D.j., 25 x 18cm. FINE. Bookplate of signal expert Donald Fyffe. A comprehensive history of signalling in the Royal Navy from the earliest days of flag signals to modern computer and satellite communications. The author describes the early Signal Books and Vocabulary Codes, and the Shutter and Semaphore systems between the Admiralty and home ports and examines the effect of signalling on naval battles throughout history. The development of the Navy’s Signal Branch is also described, and the work contains an extensive Anthology with interesting and amusing extracts from old documents, letters and memoirs. The book is divided into three parts : Part I The Historical Narrative containing 17 chapters devoted to the early days of naval signalling, the first Signal Schools, First World War, Jutland, Second World War, Atlantic and Arctic convoys, Korea, Falklands, etc. Part Two Signal Anthology contains a further 6 chapters from the days of sail to Leydene House. Finally, Part III The Colours of the Fleet is a single chapter (followed by 10 appendices) describing the historical development of naval flags and ensigns, signal ceremonial, etc. Contains many interesting photographs, diagrams, maps, cartoons, drawings, etc. FINE copy.

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