Fevyer, W. H. & Wilson, J. W.


Naval & Military Press, 1st.ed., 1995. V + 254 pp., 1 ill. Pict. c.c., 30 x 21cm. Nr.FINE. Based on the Naval Roll at Kew, the authors list and analyse medals and clasps for the 1914 Star, awarded to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, including the names of Prisoners of War taken from sources outside the P.R.O. The 1914 Star was almost exclusively awarded to the Royal Naval Division. On the outbreak of the First World War, there were some 30,000 Naval Reservists with no sea berth available for them. Eight Naval Brigades were therefore formed : Anson, Benbow Collingwood, Drake, Hawke, Hood, Howe, and Nelson. The Royal Marines formed a further four Battalions and they all fought in France, Flanders, etc. Every recipient of the medal is listed by his Battalion. Includes Armoured Trains, First British Field Hospital in Belgium, Machine Gun Parties, Motor Transport, Mrs. Stobart’s Hospital Unit, Royal Naval Air Service, R.N. Sick Berth Service HMS PEMBROKE, Transport Staff, Armoured Car Section (attached R.N.A.S.), etc.

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