Duckworth, C. L. D. & Langmuir, G. E.


Prescot, 2nd.ed., Revised, 1968. Xii + 432 pp., frontis., + 102 photo-plates. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Nr.FINE. Bookplate of the late Gordon Tufnell. First published in 1948, the celebrated team of Messrs. Duckworth & Langmuir examine the railway fleets and their ownership prior to nationalization on January 1, 1948 - this second edition traces their story up to 1968 and thereby also recording post-war developments. The ships are divided into seven main regions : London Midland, Eastern & North Eastern, Scottish, Southern, Western, Irish Railway companies, and finally Continental companies. Each region is sub-divided into ports and harbours within each area. The steamers operated services across sea, channel, river and lake. The authors provide a comprehensive Fleet List of each Region (extending from pages 189 to 325) and illustrate their narrative with 103 photographs of early and post-war vessels

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