Bonner-Smith, D. (Ed.)


Navy Records Society, 1st.ed., 1944. 414 + 6 (advt.) pp. Blue/white buckram ; gilt ; uncut. 24 x 16cm. [ See also Numbers 31 above & 73 below ] Bonner-Smith examines the naval operations in the Baltic during the Crimean War in 1855 – the Editor’s source being the 1856 copy in the Admiralty Library – and provides the reader with the correspondence between the Admiralty and Rear-Admiral the Hon. Richard S. Dundas. There are 124 letters plus enclosures throwing important light on the political crisis behind the scenes as well as on the operations of the Royal Navy in the Baltic during 1855. The conclusion of the Crimean War was neither popular with the public nor satisfactory to the Navy. The book, and its companions, form essential reading for a full understanding of the Navy’s role in the campaigns and naval operations of this war.

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