Bingeman, John M.


Oxbow Books, Oxford & Oakville, 1st.ed., 2010. Ix + 198 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs & drawings (some cold.) ; + a CD-ROM in a rear pocket. Pict. laminated boards ; 25 x 19cm. FINE. Signed by naval historian Dr. N. A. M. Rodger : "Nicholas Rodger. All Souls Coll. Oxon. Feast of St. Walter of Pontoise, 2010." ; his copy. H.M.S. INVINCIBLE was a 74-gun ship-of-the-line, captured from the French and lost off Portsmouth in 1758. Her construction was revolutionary, and she became the prototype of a new generation of British men-o’-war. Her guns and much of her equipment were salvaged at the time, but a considerable amount of equipment was left on board. Between 1979 and 1990 excavations took place on the wreck and the number of artefacts recovered in this 18th century time-capsule, adding significantly to the knowledge of archaeologists and naval historians. As the ship was carrying troops to Canada at the time of her foundering, a good deal of important regimental equipment was also brought up. The author, Commander John Bingeman, spent 36 years in the Royal Navy and dived on the MARY ROSE and other historical wrecks. Profusely illustrated with photographs and drawings of the artefacts recovered, the book also contains a CD-ROM providing a record of the items salvaged from the wreck of INVINCIBLE. FINE copy.

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