Baxter, James Phinney.


FIRST EDITION, Cambridge : Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1933. Xv + 398 pp., frontis + 6 photo-plates. Blue cloth ; gilt ; edges uncut. 24 x 17cm. V.G.+. Signed by naval historian Dr. N. A. M. Rodger : "Nicholas Rodger. Grafton Road, Acton. Feast of St. John Fisher, 1988" ; his copy. Published in 1933, this American study is the standard work on the introduction of the ironclad warship in 1860 based on British Admiralty archives, French naval papers, and records held in Washington – the latter consulted for the first time. Over the course of 14 chapters the author examines the revolution in naval ordnance, un-armoured iron warships, ironclad projects in the 1840s, the Crimean War, the first seagoing ironclad fleet, Great Britain’s entry into the race, and the passing of the wooden capital ship. He continues with the origins of the turret ship, ordnance and armour in 1861, Mallory’s ironclad policy, with the final three chapters dealing with the first clash of ironclads at Hampton Roads and its consequences for the European navies. In addition, there are seven appendices on the screw propeller, ram, Dupuy de Lôme’s Reports of 1858 and 1860, etc. Illustrations include photographs of HMS WARRIOR, HMS ACHILLES, HMS MINOTAUR, HMS WIVERN and CSS VIRGINIA. A clean bright copy from the library of Dr. N. A. M. Rodger.

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