Privately Printed, (Portsmouth), n.d. (1932). 336 pp., photo-ills & maps. Blue cloth ; gilt. 19 x 13cm. Some light staining & minor edge wear, o/w V.G. The Light Cruiser DAUNTLESS was built at Jarrow towards the end of the First World War and in 1918 took part in the bombardment of Reval. Prior to her 1930-1932 commission described her, she went on a world cruise as part of the Special Service Squadron (1923-4) and was stationed in the Mediterranean, China, South America, etc. During World War II she went on to fight in the Atlantic (1939), China from 1939 to 1941, and formed part of the Eastern Fleet 1942-1943 before becoming a Training Ship 1943-1945. She survived the war and was broken up at Inverkeithing in 1946. This record of a peacetime commission between the wars describes her commissioning at Portsmouth, her North West cruise, her West Indies and Central America cruise and her South America cruise. DAUNTLESS steamed 45,175 miles covering ports from San Francisco to Bermuda ; St. Vincent to Mobile ; Rio to the Falklands. The final leg of her commission took her home to Portsmouth. The book describes sport events, exercises with the Atlantic Fleet, descriptions of ports of call, (some of them not ‘politically correct’ !) etc.

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