Smith, Peter C


"Crowood Aviation Series", Crowood Press, Marlborough, 1st ed., 1998. 240 pp., frontis., numerous photo-ills., + diagrams. D.j., 28 x 22cm. FINE +. The Junkers Ju 87 was the aeroplane that struck terror into the heart of anyone unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of its attacks. By far the best known and arguably the most successful dive-bomber, the Ju 87 could trace its ancestry back to the Junkers K. 47 of 1928 and was perfectly suited to its design role. Here the author tells the full story of the Junkers Ju 87, describing its design, developmental and operational use and suggests that, although misused and badly directed in the Battle of Britain, the Stuka caused considerable damage to British convoys and airfields for comparatively commensurate losses. He describes its use from Spain through the war in Europe, North Africa and Russia to its short post-war career with the Czechoslovakian Air Force. A substantial volume in the series with photos.

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