Smith, J. Richard. & Creek, Eddie J.


4 VOLUMES COMPLETE. Classic Publications, (Nos. 3,4,5, & 6), Burgess Hill. Vol. 1 : Rev., ed., 2000. 224 pp. Vol. 2 : 1st ed., 1998. Continues on to page 444. Vol. 3 : 1st ed., 2000. Continues on to page 670. Vol. 4 : 1st ed., 2000. Continues on to page 882. All Vols. : numerous photo-ills., + ills., some cold., including some fldg., cold., plates. D.j.'s 31 x 23cm. FINE. In this four-volume exhaustive study of the Messerschmitt Me 262, the world's first operational military jet aircraft, the internationally acclaimed authors have drawn on more than thirty years of detailed and unrivalled research. Here, for the first time, is the full story of the concept, design, troubled development and contested operational deployment of possibly one of the most enigmatic war machines ever built, from its evolution, through the disputes, to the eventual appearance of the aircraft with the Luftwaffe's first operational jet trials units. The second volume examines the impact the Me 262 made upon the course of the European air war following its operational debut with Erprobungskommando 262 in the summer of 1944. Using the frank and concise personal reports of Messerschmitt's front-line inspectors, as well as combat reports and other eye-witness accounts, the authors reveal the later tactical successes and failures of the aircraft as it was deployed in both the fighter role with Kommando Nowotny Schenk and KG 51 over the western front in the autumn of 1944. Also included is an in-depth look at the array of ingenious and formidable weapons systems designed for the aircraft as well as detailed descriptions of the projected rocket-powered interceptor, BMW-engined and heavily armed and armoured variants. The third volume details planned night fighter variants and covers the night war waged by the Me 262 against the threat of the British Mosquito over Berlin in 1945. Also included is a day-by-day account of the Me 262's role in the daylight defence of the Third Reich between January and March 1945. The authors have drawn extensively from the personal accounts of both German and Allied pilots as well as thousands of archive documents. The fourth and final volume concludes the work by focusing on the last, desperate days of the jet's daylight combat operations during April and May 1945. Using rare eye-witness accounts, the authors portray both sides of the air war between the Me 262 and Allied piston engine fighters and bombers. Also included in this volume is an in-depth look at various high-speed and swept wing variants and projects and also a detailed study of American, French, British, Czech and Japanese post-war testing, evaluation and production. Each volume is accompanied by hundreds of photographs, many previously unpublished, as well as high-precision technical scale drawings and full colour interpretations, including a handful of folding plates. This is an essential complement to the acclaimed study of the Messerschmitt Me 163 (Item 439) FOUR VOLUMES COMPLETE : Volume 1 is SCARCE & Volume 4 is RARE :

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