McKenzie, R. D.


Angus & Robertson, 1st ed., 1963. Xiii + 144 pp., frontis., + photo-plates. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Nr.FINE. This biography gives a vivid and sympathetic account of how Bert Hinkler became one of the world's greatest air pioneers, renowned for his abilities as a pilot and navigator. With little education, Hinkler battled from his early youth to become a flyer and to work with aircraft and airmen. His story is of tremendous, single-handed achievement, from the time he left Bundaberg with the itinerant airman, Wizard Stone, and a rickety Bleriot monoplane, through his wartime experiences with the RNAS and RAF, his amazing solo flights in a tiny single-engined aeroplane, including a record-breaking flight from England to Australia which won him world acclaim, his valiant attempt to create and establish his dream aeroplane in the face of world economic chaos, to his last tragic flight.

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