Judge, A. W.


2 VOLS. Chapman & Hall. Vol. I : 3rd imp., 1941. X + 380 pp., 226 figs. Vol. II : 1st ed., 1941. Vii + 446 pp., 354 figs., including photo-plates & 2 fldg., plates. Both Vols. : Uniformly bound in blue cloth ; gilt titles ; 22 x 14cm. Hinges re-enforced with cloth tape ; tiny splits to ends of spine on Vol. II o/w V.G. This two-volume study of aircraft engines was published during the Second World War, in 1941. The first volume is concerned mainly with the theoretical and experimental aspects of aircraft engines whilst the second volume is devoted principally to the descriptive side and to a lesser extent to certain design and theoretical considerations not previously dealt with. The descriptive sections include accounts of some typical British aircraft engines which were in production prior to and in the earlier stages of the present war, together with certain more recent engines which are fitted to American aircraft purchased by this country. Volume I includes chapters on Thermodynamics ; Real Conditions in Petrol Engines ; Petrol Engine Performance ; The Combustion Process ; Aircraft Engine Fuels ; Carburettors and Fuel Systems ; Supercharging Aircraft Engines ; The Cooling of Aircraft Engines ; Altitude Effect on Engine Power ; Petrol Engine Temperatures. Chapters in Volume II include General Design Considerations ; Torque and Balance Considerations ; Types of Aircraft Engines ; The Radial Air-Cooled Engine ; Sleeve Valve Aircraft Engines ; Some Other Aircraft Engine Types ; Aircraft Engine Components ; The Lubrication of Aircraft Engines ; The Ignition System ; The Exhaust System ; Accessories, Engine Starting, etc. ; The Testing of Aircraft Engines. Both volumes are supported by appendices and a wealth of figures. The substantial and SCARCE Volume II includes photograph plates and two folding plates. 2 Vols.

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