Jones, Barry.


Crowood Aviation Series, Crowood Press, Marlborough, 1st ed., 1998. 191 pp., numerous photo-ills., + coloured photo-plates. D.j., 28 x 22cm. FINE +. The Gloster Meteor typifies the advance of technology during World War II more than any other aircraft type. Not only was it the first turbojet-powered aeroplane to enter service with the RAF, but it came from the company that produced the Gladiator biplane fighter which was still in front-line service during the early war years. The Meteor went on to enjoy a service career that spanned five decades. Built as a fighter, nightfighter, photo-reconnaissance aeroplane and trainer, it was also widely used as a trials aircraft and one example was still used at the time of publication for live-firing tests of ejector seats. The author tells the full story of the design, development and operational career of this extraordinary aeroplane. He also covers the export versions and trials aircraft.

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