Cooper, Geoffrey.


Midland, Hersham, 1st ed., 2008. 296 pp., numerous photo-ills., + plans. D.j., 29 x 21cm. FINE. This is an impressive historical study of the association of the Royal Aircraft/Aerospace Establishment at Farnborough with the activities of the Fleet Air Arm, beginning in 1922. The author, a chartered engineer employed at RAE during 1936-46, has recorded the research activities of RAE as a centre of worldwide aviation expertise. His comprehensive account covers the activities of the Naval Aircraft Department, together with an overview of subsequent developments in the art and practice of ‘Flying Navy’. The book also includes details of experimental work in mechanically assisted launching of heavy bombers, flexible landing decks for undercarriageless aircraft, and arrester gear in the event of overshoot of airfields, including proposals to be used at airports to stop Concorde careering off the ends of runways. Illustrated with a wealth of fascinating photographs.

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