Boiten, Theo.


‘Crowood Aviation Series’, Crowood Press, Marlborough, 1st ed., 1998. 192 pp., numerous photo-ills. D.j., 28 x 22cm. FINE +. The Bristol Blenheim was a revolutionary aeroplane when it first entered service in 1937. Faster than many contemporary fighters, it featured a retractable undercarriage, variable pitch propellers and was an all-metal monocoque design which was far in advance of the types it replaced, such as the Hawker Hart series of light bombers. Although outclassed by later designs, it served in all theatres in World War II, being used as light bombers, anti-shipping raiders and even as fighters with a ventral gun pack. Here is the full, well-illustrated story of the development and operational history of this often-underrated aeroplane.

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