Muñoz, Antonio.


Axis Europa Books, New York, 2002. 380 pp., numerous photo-ills, maps, plans & ills. D.j., 26 x 21cm. MINT (New & Unread). During World War II the German Luftwaffe at the instigation of its leader, Goring, raised ground combat units. This was against the advice of many German generals who argued that Air Force men had no experience or training in ground warfare. The Heer (Army) warned of dire consequences if these Luftwaffe men were committed to battle. Yet Hitler acquiesced to Goring’s wishes. For the Heer, the establishment of Luftwaffe field divisions was not only an affront to its authority, but a duplication of effort and a waste of manpower and resources. For Goring, like Himmler with his Waffen-SS units, the creation of these units was a means by which the Reichsmarschall could extend his own power base within the Nazi system and enhance his own reputation. These units served in all sectors of the European theatre of war and their history, like their uniforms, was completely unique given the manner in which they were created. This is their story.

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