Lattimer, John K.


Ian Allan, 1st ed., 1999. 272 pp., numerous photo-ills. D.j., 26 x 21cm. FINE After the Second World War the Allies prepared for the Nuremberg War Crime Trials and just as they were determined to see the Nazi leaders put on trial, so too were they determined that these leaders would be able physically to stand trial and ultimately suffer whatever penalty the court decreed. To that end, the Allies ensured that the surviving Nazi leaders received amongst the best medical treatment available. One of the doctors involved at Nuremberg was an American urologist, the author of this book, who was thus ideally placed to see first-hand the medical and physical condition of many of the most hated Nazi leaders ' Goring, von Ribbentrop, Streicher and so on. In this book the physician examines in depth the medical evidence that he saw at the time and analyses the result of his diagnoses in terms of the course of World War II. In doing so, he draws controversial conclusions as to the course of the war and the factors behind the ultimate Allied victory. Illustrated with hundreds of photographs, this is a remarkable account of Nuremberg and the men on trial.

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