Bernhardi, Friedrich von.


George H. Doran, New York, 1st American printing, 1914. Xv + 263 pp. Re-cased retaining original green cloth boards + original e.p.’s ; gilt ; 20 x 13cm. V.G. Published on the eve of the Great War in 1914, this is an abridged version of the author’s treatise, "On War Today" which was translated by Hugh Rees and published in 1913. The editor explains in his preface that the book is "of special interest at the present moment as an exposition of the ideas underlying the German plans for the war with the Allies, and the methods on which the German staff rely in their operations in the field. The book is an attempt to show how war can be successfully conducted with the enormous masses of men now thrown into a conflict between nations, the armies of millions that put the whole fighting power of a people into the battle line." Chapters include The Secret of Modern War ; Armies of Masses ; Force and Numbers ; Modern Arms and Appliances ; The Importance of Cavalry ("Note on the March of Great Armies") ; Self-Reliance, Method, and Command ; Attack and Defence ; The Object and the Conduct of War ; Time, Space and Direction ; Principles of Command ; Naval Warfare ; Retrospect and Prospect.

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