Armstrong, Major Nevill A. D.


Gale & Polden, 3rd ed., 1941. Xv + 210 pp., 5 photo-plates + 2-on-1 cold., plate + several diagrams, some cold. Re-backed with new e.p.’s, retaining original red cloth ; 19 x 12cm. Spiral scratches to rear cover ; occasional foxing, mainly to prelims o/w V.G. Published in 1941, this book on Fieldcraft, Sniping and Intelligence was designed for Battalion Intelligence Officers and others responsible for the training of Scouts, Observers and Snipers in the Second World War. Chapters cover : Observation ; Scouting ; Sniping ; Care and Use of the Telescope ; Camouflage ; The New Military Landscape Sketching ; Messages and Reports ; Map Reading ; Use of Compass ; Judging Distance ; Musketry and Telescopic Sights ; The P.14 Rifle and P.18 Telescopic Sight ; Snipers’ Posts, Loopholes, Observation Posts and Hides ; Duties of Battalion Intelligence Officer ; Intelligence Logs or Reports ; Sniping in Attack and Defence and Night Sniping ; The Battalion Intelligence Section in Attack in Trench Warfare, 1914-1918 ; Patrolling ; Intelligence ; Aeroplane Photographs. Appendices include : Observation Exercises ; Patrolling Exercises ; Sniper Course ; Training Syllabi. With plates and diagrams, some coloured. SCARCE.

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