Willmott, H. P.


Anthony Bird, Chichester, 1st.ed., 1981. (v) + 165 pp., 14 photo-plates. D.j. 24 x 16cm. FINE. With the bookplate of the late Professor Paddy Griffith. (Dr. Paddy Griffith, 1947-2010, military historian, author, wargamer, & former Sandhurst professor [1973-1989]. Dr. Griffith was a highly esteemed and original military historian. He was author of numerous studies including Battle Tactics of the Western Front, widely considered to be one of the best books on the British Army in World War I. An influential British military theorist, he was a wargame-designer for the M.O.D. and an authority on military history and tactics from the Napoleonic Wars to contemporary conflicts). A study of sea power from Roman times to the powerful fleets of NATO and the former Soviet Union, the author examining naval weapons, ships, tactics and strategies over the centuries. He looks at the use of sea power to deter and defend, the deployment of submarines and mine warfare during the last century, airpower at sea, and the rapid rise and significance of naval air power. There is also a study of naval warfare during World War I and of the speedy rise of the Soviet Navy since 1945. Includes perspectives on Trafalgar, Jutland, Pearl Harbour, and the Battle of the Atlantic. FINE copy.

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