Smith, Ernest E.


Melrose Books, Ely, 1st.ed., 2006. 296 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs, etc. D.j., 28 x 22cm. FINE. The BELFAST is a wartime cruiser now preserved in the Pool of London. Launched in 1938 she served with distinction during the Second World War and the Korean War. She took part in the sinking of the SCHARNHORST and in the D-Day operations of 1944. Several books have been written about the ship herself, but this is the first to gather the memories of some of the thousands of men who fought on-board during her 25 years of active service, including their historic photographs and personal anecdotes. The author also provides the definitive history of HMS BELFAST. The reminiscences cover the years 1939 to 1966 and the book is profusely illustrated with photographs etc. FINE copy.

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