Smith, Arthur Britton. & McKay, John W.


Quarry Press, Kingston, Ontario, 1st.ed., 1997. 159 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs, drawings, maps, facsimiles, ships’ plans, reproductions, etc. (some cold.). D.j., 25 x 21cm. FINE. Near Fort Niagara, in 1780, the worst shipwreck ever recorded on Lake Ontario occurred. His Majesty’s Sloop-o’-War ONTARIO had been built in January that year at Carleton Island shipyard (near present-day Kingston) in order to defend British North America against the revolutionary forces of George Washington. The sloop, bound for Oswego to meet a British raiding party, foundered in November 1780 during a violent storm. Her wreck was discovered in 1995 – among her wreckage lie the bones of at least 88 men, women and children. Of her crew only 6 bodies were ever found. Her sinking was a blow to the British. She was the largest vessel on the lake and her loss was kept a secret. The authors describe the building, launching and foundering of the ONTARIO during 1779-1780. The book is profusely illustrated and of special value are architectural plans and scale drawings, full-colour paintings and photographs. FINE copy.

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