Shanahan, Phil.


Tempus, Stroud, 1st.ed., 2008. 224 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs. D.j., 25 x 18cm. FINE. For almost 60 years after their deaths, the bravery of three sailors whose actions shortened the war by as much as two years remained virtually unknown. Two of the men lost their lives retrieving vital German codebooks from the sinking U-559 blown to the surface by British destroyers. The third survived the war only to die in a house fire while still in his teens. Not even their families knew of their deeds. The vital documents they seized in October 1942 enabled the codebreakers at Bletchley Park to crack the German Enigma codes and so win the Battle of the Atlantic. Hollywood cast them as US sailors in the fictional film U-571, but here the author tells the true story of Colin Grazier, G.C. Tony Fasson G.C. and Tommy Brown G.M., men serving aboard the destroyer HMS PETARD, the only warship to sink submarines from all three enemy navies during World War II. FINE copy.

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