Raven, Alan. & Roberts, John.


1st.ed., 1980. 444 pp., over 400 photo-ills + more than 60 plans. 25 x 25cm. FINE. A highly detailed and authoritative account of the design, construction, and technical history of every cruiser of the Royal Navy during the Second World War. British cruisers served in every theatre of the conflict and fought in practically all of the major engagements involving the Royal Navy. In addition, they escorted convoys and supported all the major landings in the Mediterranean and D-Day operations in 1944. The authors examine 121 cruisers and interweave text with data, tabulations and some 20 lists of particulars. The illustrations are excellent ; over 400 carefully-selected photographs ' the majority hitherto unpublished ' and more than 60 sets of detailed plans. The book goes as far back as the Arethusa class of 1912 and follows cruiser development through the inter-war years into World War II itself and on to the last of the conventional all-gun cruisers of the Tiger class of the late 1950s. Published almost 40 years ago, this remains the definitive work on the subject. FINE copy.

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