Poolman, Kenneth.


FIRST EDITION, 1954. 224 pp., frontis + 18 other photo-plates + 2 maps. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE copy in Nr.FINE dust jacket. The first post-war account of the famous destroyer, HMS KELLY, and her equally distinguished commanding officer, Captain Lord Louis Mountbatten. The KELLY was completed just in time for war in 1939 and on the second day of hostilities she sank a U-boat. She continued her fine record for hunting and destroying enemy submarines in the Western Approaches and North Atlantic and undertook hazardous convoy escort duty to Russia. Like many destroyers at war, KELLY was always in the thick of the action, but her luck ran out in May 1941 during the Battle of Crete. Sailing at top speed, she went down with her guns still firing and her crew, to a man, still at their action stations. Nine officers and one hundred and twenty-one ratings lost their lives. An exceptionally fine copy.

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