Navy List.


HMSO, 1st.ed., 1919. Xxiii + 2,448 pp. (in fact many more pages as there are numerous additional numbers and sub-numbers) + 16 (advt.) pp. Blue cloth ; gilt. 20 x 13cm. (9cm thick !) V.G. The Armistice was signed in November 1918 bringing the long and bitter Great War to a close. This Navy List, corrected to the following month, December 1918, records the Royal Navy at its greatest strength in its long history, with over 2,500 pages of information. Following an 'Alphabetical List', there are details of the thousands of officers then serving, from the King downwards. Honorary Officers, Flag Officers, Captains, Commanders, Temporary Commanders, Lieutenant-Commanders, Lieutenants, Sub-Lieutenants, Acting Sub-Lieutenants, Mates, Midshipmen, Engineers (from Engineer in Chief of the Fleet downwards), Chaplains, Acting Chaplains for Temporary Service, Naval Instructors, Fleet Surgeons, Staff Surgeons, Surgeons, Temporary Medical Officers, Temporary Surgeons, Fleet-Paymasters, Staff-Paymasters, Paymasters, Clerks, Shipwright Lieutenants, Schoolmaster-Lieutenants, Chief Gunners, Gunners, Temporary Gunners, Chief Boatswains, Boatswains, Chief Signal Boatswains, Warrant Telegraphists, Chief Masters-at-Arms, Commissioned Shipwrights, Chief Artificer Engineers, Artificer Engineers, Warrant Mechanicians, Warrant Armourers, Warrant Electricians, Schoolmasters, etc., etc. The book also lists Officers of the Royal Marine Forces, 63rd (Royal Naval) Division and its Reserves, Coast Guard, Royal Flying Corps, Royal Indian Marine, RNR, RNVR, Volunteer Boys & Cadet Corps, Admiralty, etc. In addition, every warship of the Royal Navy is listed together with its data and list of officers. Also, Australian ships serving with the RN, Royal Indian Marine ships serving with the RN, List of Torpedo Boats in Commission with their officers, List of Whalers, List of Admiralty Trawlers and Drifters, Motor Launches in Commission, List of Merchant Ships Commissioned as H.M. Ships, List of Hospital Ships, Mercantile Fleet Auxiliaries, Auxiliary Small Craft, etc. In addition to the regular features on Naval Pay, Regulations, etc., there are extensive lists of Medals, Orders and Decorations awarded during Active Service with name and rank for each man, year by year ; plus a wealth of other information on naval affairs at the close of the First World War.

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