MacAlindin, Bob.


Peter Williams Associates, Milford Haven, 1st ed., 1999. 176 pp., many photos, drawing, etc. Pict. c.c., 24 x 17cm. FINE. The crews of lightships were in many respects prisoners of the sea, their light vessels anchored in one spot and at the mercy of the sea in all weathers. At times, they were called upon to rescue seamen whose ships had run aground on the very hazard that the lightship was guarding them against. The author tells their story from the early wooden hulks to the modern, well-founded, technically-equipped light vessel. The first was used in the Thames in 1732 and their usefulness was quickly realized and spread around the British coast and eventually the world. Includes account of British, American, Canadian, Finnish, German and other light vessels. Profusely illustrated. FINE copy.

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