Chappell, Edgar L.


Priory Press, Cardiff, FIRST EDITION, 1939. 138 pp., 38 photo-plates, maps & plans. Brown cloth ; gilt lettering & armorial front cover. 25 x 16cm. V.G.+. The original edition of a book published in 1939 to mark the centenary of the opening of the city’s first modern dock. A second edition appeared in 1994 being a facsimile reprint. The author traces Cardiff’s maritime history from medieval times to the eve of the Second World War ; still the most detailed study on the subject. The 18 chapters include : Development of the Customs Port. Piracy in the Bristol Channel. Smugglers and Wreckers. Growth of the Iron Industry. The Ancient Town Quay. The Glamorgan Canal. Rise of the Coal Industry. West Bute Dock. The Taff Vale Railway and Penarth Dock. East Bute Dock and the Rhymney Railway. Barry Docks and Railway. Later Bute Dock Developments. Bristol Channel Pilotage. Etc. With 38 photographs, maps & plans. Original edition of 1939.

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