Brice, Martin H.


1st.ed., 1971. 256 pp, over 100 photo-plates & drawings of each vessel's badge. D.j., 23 x 15cm. FINE. Bookplate of the late John H. Proud, authority and author of books on Tyneside tugs. Still one of the best studies of a single class of warship, the author describes in detail the careers of each of the 27 wartime Tribal class destroyers of the Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy. These vessels served with distinction between 1938 and 1969 and were considered by many to be the finest destroyers ever built. The Tribals probably saw more action over a longer period of time and over a greater area of the globe than any other class of destroyers. They took part in almost every Home fleet and Mediterranean action : the D-Day landings, the East Indies, the South West Pacific amphibious landings, Battle of Leyte Gulf, the surrender of Japan, and they also fought in the Korean War. The author includes technical data together with lists of commanding officers, pennant numbers and ships' badges. Illustrated with over 100 photographs. FINE.

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